Swimming program for CrossFit athletes

Everyone know that swimming is the weaknesses in CrossFit. Probably if you are reading this you are looking for a solution.

I am swimming coach and I practice CrossFit, I know how it works. My girlfriend is a finnish CrossFit athlete (Maari Lehtoviita) and physiotherapist and together we try to make the best program to you.

The program is build to help you and improve your swimming . Basically you have to swim one time a week during 12 weeks. Depending on your level you will be swimming more or lesns metters. Always mainteining the quality.

You can take the first session FREE.

After that if you like it you can buy the program.

How is the structure of swimming program

  • Warm up
  • Skills and drills
  • Main set
  • Cool down

How many metters will I swim?

  • Begginer: Under 1000 mts.
  • SCALE: Around 1200 mts.
  • Rx : Around 1500mts.
  • Rx Swimmer: Around 2000mts.
  • Swimming pro: Over 2000mts.

You can tell me what your level is!

Maari and me after work in CrossFit Herttoniemi (Helsinki, Finland)

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