Adults swimming course in Valencia

In Valencia, 9 out of 10 students who take the Learn from Great course do so successfully.

The methodology created by the founder Gabriel Diaz Fabiero has allowed people without any previous experience in just 10 sessions to achieve:

  • control fear of water
  • learn to float
  • learn to breathe
  • Learn to move from one side of the pool to the other side.

The exclusivity of the course, the tranquility that the Olympia hotel facilities offer us and the experience and patience of the coach mean that more and more people become amateur swimmers every month.


Our goal with this course in Valencia is to turn ordinary people into future swimmers. Once the course is finished, df swimming offers the possibility of continuing with the process of building the swimmer.

Since November 2022 we have opened the DF SWIMMING CLUB ALBORAIA, with 5 weekly schedules so that they can continue learning and improving.


APRENDER DE GRANDE [Individual Exclusivo]
  • ✅Flexible hours
  • ✅10 classes
  • ✅45 min class
  • ✅ 100% individual
  • ✅ Duration: 5 weeks
  • ✅ Single classes
  • ✅Swimming cap
  • ✅Cancellations
  • ✅Pool and VAT
  • 🔔Frequency: Every week
  • Payment method: 💳💵


The price is per class. The complete course has a final price of 419euros.

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