Learn to swim as an adult in Valencia

Starting in January 2023 in Valencia, you can enjoy the first course for «Learning to Swim for Adults with a Fear of Water».

This course will be 100% personalized with former Argentine national swimmer Gabriel Diaz Fabiero in the water. The sessions will be 45 minutes long and I promise they will be very professional and fun.

LEARNING TO SWIM WITH A FEAR OF WATER IS POSSIBLE At DF SWIMMING, we offer this regularly and personalized course throughout the year.

Stages of the No Fear Swimming course:

Stage 1. Duration: 10 sessions. Objective: Float and gain confidence in the aquatic environment.

Stage 2. Duration: 10 sessions. Objective: Move with fins while controlling the mind.

Stage 3. Duration: 10 sessions. Objective: Swim crawl with and without fins in a 25m pool.

Course completion: Baptism in the sea. You can complete the entire course or go through each stage one by one. The stages have a recommended number of sessions, but each student progresses at their own pace. (summer)

It is worth noting that the professional is 100% of the time by the student’s side in the water.

The methodology created by Gabriel is unique in Spain. It is based on a basic aptitude test brought by the student in advance, and then learning analogically and globally the rest of the skills needed to complete the cycle of knowledge necessary to swim the first objective style of the course: crawl.

The success of the course is that the student completes it by moving from one edge of the pool to the other while swimming an introductory crawl style.

GABRIEL DIAZ FABIERO, CREATOR OF THE «LEARNING TO SWIM» COURSE IF YOU’RE AFRAID, WE FACE IT Don’t worry if water scares you or you think it’s not for you. We invite you to take the first session of the course so you can see how we work here.

The only way to do it is by being brave and facing fear, and we are with you for that.

The course is suitable for children and adults. The sessions are 100% individual and Gabriel is in the water with you for 45 minutes.

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