Private swimming lessons in Valencia (Spain)

Are you looking for a trusted and high-quality swimming school in Spain? Df Swimming is the perfect choice for you!

We are the first private brand of swimming lessons in Spain, and our main ambassador is our founder and creator, Gabriel Diaz Fabiero.

Gabi was a professional swimmer with Club Atlético River Plate in 2010 and has competed at the international level with the Argentine team in all training categories up to junior.

In addition, he has been a coach of two swimming clubs (Argentina and Spain), has worked in Finland giving private swimming lessons and is currently developing as a swimming educator as well as a biomechanic and swimming teacher in his own company. In addition to being the coordinator of the 4 cities where Df Swimming is present.

Our brand is led by the personal values of our founder.

Passion, excellence and discipline are the fundamental pillars of our brand ambassadors.

By choosing Df Swimming, you can be sure that you will be learning from the best professionals in the sector with years of experience and knowledge.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information and to book your first class!

Our mission is to accompany the transformation process with the highest degree of commitment and professionalism, cultivating a safe, friendly and fun environment.

Gabriel Diaz Fabiero
Gabriel diaz fabiero with a swimming group in Valencia 2022.

During the year 2023 you will be able to start enjoying our private swimming lessons in Valencia.

  • -Biomechanics session.
  • -Learn to swim from scratch.
  • -Improvement of the technique.
  • -Biomechanics session.
  • Swimming for children.
  • Competition.

These will be the services that we will offer individually, in couples or in small groups.

We can move to your home or simply using a public pool or in the sea (in some cases)

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