Swimming lessons in Valencia with a professional Swimming coach

Are you living in Valencia and you want to learn how to swim with a professional Swimming coach? You are in the right place.

Since five years Gabriel Diaz Fabiero, Former argentinian national team,Professional Swimming coach and swimmer developer, teach people who want how to swim in the correct way.

His method is about ciencies and experience. He mixed 22 years of experiencies in the water and his university knowledges to give you the best way ti learn how to swim or simply improve your swimming technique.

Where can I swim?

You can start with swimming lessons in your own swimming pool or a públic swimming pool in Valencia area.

You just need googles, swimsuit and swimming cap but the more important is your motivation.

Gabriel is in the water with you

Exactly. I am in the water teaching and showing excercises, technique drils and share the moments with you. That’s one of the key points to the success.

Ask your first swimming lessons today

Give a 10% off for a first Swimming lesson now.

Ask your appointment here.

*consultant about extras for transladation

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